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So last week the sun came out for about two days and I was deluded into thinking spring was here. But sadly this week reality hit that we are still only in February and I am back to all the layers… knits, coats, tights, boots etc etc!

This coat has featured quite heavily in my blog since starting it, and I think that goes to show the value of investing in staple pieces. I bought it a few years ago – and at the time it was a splurge, and above my budget – but I have worn it to within an inch of its life and it is still going strong (and I’m not bored of it yet either) so it was definitely well worth the money. I don’t think it necessary to splash out on every item in your wardrobe but I would like to start investing more in some timeless, classic pieces that I can wear year in year out regardless of the trends.

These boots have also had quite a lot of airtime on the blog this season! But I suppose what is the point of buying something if you’re only going to wear it once!?

The last item in my outfit is the jumper dress… these are quite possibly the greatest invention ever! They allow you to look like you have put thought into your outfit and made an effort when in reality they are the comfiest thing ever and you can just throw one on with a pair of boots before heading out! This one folds over at the bottom in the style of a wrap dress, and has an elastic belt at the waist to give it some structure and give your figure some shape which I like as some jumper dresses can sometimes be baggy and shapeless.

Let me know what you think in the comment section below!

natalie alice fashion blogger

asos jumper dress

jaeger camel coat

public desire thigh boots

nat a girl nat yet a woman

Coat: Jaeger

Dress: Asos

Boots: Public Desire



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