Lancer Skincare: Lift And Plump Sheet Mask Review

lancer skincare lift and plump sheet mask review

I’ve been saving this Lancer Skincare sheet mask for a special occasion for a while now. I have used one of these once before and it is a dream, however a little too pricey at £29 to waste on an average day! However my skin has been looking a little lacklustre for a while recently and it keeps popping into my mind that maybe I should just use it. Post skiing, when my skin was exposed to harsher elements than usual, I decided it was finally time to treat my skin to this little sheet of wonders!

This sheet mask feels very wet when you first unwrap it as it is pre-soaked and infused with a highly concentrated cocktail of anti-ageing ingredients such as Apple Stem Cell Compound which work to give your skin a tighter, more lifted appearance. It is designed to rehydrate your skin and give it a plumped appearance, so your skin absorbs all of these ingredients and the natural humectants it contains to restore its hydration and radiance.

The mask smells incredible, which I attribute to the Rose Water that it contains. My skin felt instantly hydrated and more firm after just a couple of minutes of having it on. There is also a cooling sensation on your skin from the mask which leaves your skin feeling refreshed. It is recommended that you use it for at least 10 minutes, but you can leave it on longer or even sleep in it overnight. If you want to put makeup on the next day I wouldn’t sleep in however, because when you remove the mask you don’t rinse the residue off. You leave it to soak into your skin as it continues to supply your skin with anti-ageing benefits even after you take it off!

Although this is more expensive than many other masks, it is safe to say that it works! I would definitely recommend purchasing this for a special occasion. You can use it the night before to receive the full plumping, revitalising effects and give your skin an extra glow without having to worry about having a reaction as it is a very gentle mask.

Excitingly, this is also the EXACT sheet mask that Dr Lancer uses in his Red Carpet Facials in his clinic for celebrities before they go to award ceremonies or on the red carpet, and as we are in the height of award season, this is the perfect little indulgent treat so you can channel your inner Beyoncé!

lancer skincare lift and plump sheet mask

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lancer skincare sheet mask review


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